Parents can now monitor and manage the time their children spend watching TV and playing Video Games.

Timer Bob Technical Support & Common Questions

Q. I lost my user’s manual. How can I get a new one?
Download the Bob1 user’s manual here.

Q. Do you sell replacement keys for my Bob model Bob1?
Yes, we sell replacement keys.  Please specify your key code printed on the lock core (if you have one) when placing your order.

Q. My Bob randomly shuts off. Why?
One of the features of the TV Timer Bob is to detect when the TV or Video Game console is turned off. This prevents the child’s time allowance from being deducted even when the TV is turned off. Some TVs don’t draw enough power to tell BOB to stay on. The BOB thinks the TV was turned off and so it shuts itself down.  Find out how to fix this here.

Q. Do you have a solution for removable power cords? My TV and computer monitor uses a removable power cable.
Yes, our partner Family Safe sells Tamper Evident Tape.
Wrap the tape around any detachable power cord and attach it to the TV or computer monitor. If the tape is removed it shows “Void” remnants in silver. This is ideal for TVs and computer monitors with removable power cords. Includes: 2 Cables, Each tape strip is 1” x 9”

Q. Can you help me set up different blocks for weekdays and the weekend?
Yes, this will require you to create two different user pins, one for the weekday and the other for the weekend.  For any assistance with setting up blocks, check out the block help page here.

Support Phone: 801-889-2600