Parents can now monitor and manage the time their children spend watching TV and playing Video Games.

Control TV & Video Game Time with the TV Timer BOB

TV and Video Game Time Management continues to receive acclaim from researchers to improve your children’s grades, health, and family harmony.

  • No more “Turn off that TV!” arguments.
  • Research shows improved grades and health.
  • TV Timer BOB teaches good habits in personal time management.

BOB is the latest in TV Time Management. It has a big, easy-to-read, display. BOB is easy to set up and use.

Find out how BOB works and how it can change your relationship with your children for the better.

“I own 2 of the BOB units and they have been excellent. I recommend them to anyone. The BOB handles it all even if a kid tries to tamper with it. Thanks for the awesome product!” – James G.
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