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How to Use the BOB TV Timer Outside the North America Power Standard

The TV Timer BOB is designed to work with the North American standard voltage and plug style. Please note that if your power is not at 60Hz the BOB will not keep time correctly. Keeping track of time will break the ‘Time Period Blocking’ feature. BOB will still work in a basic daily or weekly allowance mode. Blocking out specific times of the day will not work.

Here are some suggestions on how you can use it in your country.

  1. Plug the TV Timer BOB into a Step-Down Transformer. This is required to reduce your high voltage to 110V max.
  2. Plug in a short extension cord (with a Type A, USA & Canada style plug) into the back of the BOB.
  3. At this point, the output of the BOB is 110 Volts.
    • If your TV (or Video Game Console or whatever device you would like BOB to control) may only need 110 Volts then you can use a Plug Adapter to change it from a US-style plug to your country’s plug style.
    • If your TV or game console requires more than 110 Volts then plug BOB’s power output into a Step Up Transformer.
  4. Plug your TV into either the Plug Adapter OR into the Step Up Transformer. Place the Power Plug Lock around the TV’s plug to prevent bypass. Place the optional tamper-evident tape around the power cord where it enters the TV.

These suggestions are no guarantee that the BOB will work in your area. Let us know of any question or feedback. Thanks!